Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor, after Caravaggio.

A Burden or a Cross

"To be my disciple", Jesus said,
These things I desire of thee,
Turn aside from the world, take up your cross,
Daily and follow me."

I thought I already carried a cross,
Of sorrow and pain and care;
But these did not constitute a cross;
Just a burden I had to bear.

I learnt I could come to Jesus,
With my burden and lay it down;
But I must willingly take up my cross
If, one day, I would wear a crown.

I prayed, "Lord, make me willing,
To take up my cross and follow thee,
Gethsemane always keep in mind,
And your long walk to Calvary."

I must be faithful to the end,
My cross I may not lay down,
'til Jesus Tenderly removes it from me,
And rewards me with a crown.