Christian Poetry

Drawing by Graham Naylor

City Temple Op.Shop

A Dealer in Old Wares

Upon the dusty shelves they stand,
Broken, often useless too,
Cups and saucers vases, toys,
An ornament or two.

The old fashioned gown upon the rack
Rubs shoulders with a coat threadbare
A lame dress a courtelle suit
A caftan with a certain flair

A woman with a broken heart.
A man who feels he'd rather die,
Punk rock kids, druggies, too,
These are the folk who come to buy

God too is a dealer in old wares,
Broken lives and broken dreams
Sinful hearts and moral wrecks.
Murderers and libertines.

Our Lord can make them new once more.
Born again to live In Him.
New life. new hope, and self respect;
Set free from Satan's every whim.

We deal not only with shabby clothes
And broken cups and sock with holes,
We deal with men and women too.
We are used by God to deal with souls.