Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor

Written March 1991

A Friend Called John

I have a friend whom I have never met;
A friend whose name is John;
I have never shaken hands with him,
Nor his countenance gazed upon.

I have never shared a meal with him
Lingering on to talk awhile;
Although I have heard his laughter,
I have never seen his smile.

I know nothing about his appearance
Not even the colour of his eyes.
He whom should I pass him in the street
I would not recognise.

Through poetry, letters and cassettes,
We have each had much to tell,
We share that rich, deep fellowship
That Christians know so well.

I know he has a loving heart,
A quick and.lively mind;
I know he is loyal to his friends,
And to everyone, is kind.

I know that he loves music,
Can whistle a tune, and sing a song;
I know he encourages others
To be brave and to be strong.

I know that he writes poetry
And can turn a pretty phrase,
That he has a sense of humour
To lighten up his days.

I know he often suffers,
Deep-seated, searing pain,
That he has learnt acceptance
Until God brings relief again.

He loves the world of nature,
Knowing all that beauty is God-made;
He sometimes likes to feel the warmth of the sun
Sometimes rest in a cool, green glade.

Because he loves my Saviour,
Deeply and fervently,
Our hearts are closely knit in Christ,
And we form part of God's family.