Christian Poetry

Written 15 May 1943

Muriel married Arthur on 21 March 1942 at Mosman Church of Christ in Sydney. Two days later Arthur went to war and was away from his bride for three and a half years. In 2002 they celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary. Arthur passed away on 25 July 2006.


A golden heart, a golden chain
Worn round my neck each day
Tells of two hearts joined in one
Together to tread life's way.

It is a little golden locket
And you will see inside
A photo of a soldier
On his arm, his radiant bride.

Also in his locket,
Hidden from other eyes
Lies a love, worth more than gold
A love that never dies.

This golden locket, speaks to me
Of one with a heart of gold
His love and mine, will ever be
The source of treasures untold.