Christian Poetry

Photograph taken by Graham Naylor at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines.

Written June 1993.


As I relaxed upon the golden sands
One peaceful eventide
I gazed across the restless sea
So powerful, so deep, so wide.

My thoughts turned to the warring nations
How like they are to that restless sea;
Powerful, destructive and ruthless
In their grim fight for supremacy.

My heart bled for the displaced persons,
Robbed of their identity,
Homeless, hungry, devoid of hope,
Stripped of all human dignity.

My anguished soul cried out to God,
"How can you stand aside
And detach yourself from their suffering,
When you have the power to stem the tide?"

The answer came as the mighty rollers
Crashed onto the shifting sand,
"Even could you read the mind of God,
You would not understand;

I am Alpha and Omega,
the beginning and the end
All things will work together for good,
On this you can depend."

As the colours of a magnificent sunset
Spread across the heavens like a canopy,
I humbly bowed down in worship,
Overwhelmed by God's majesty!!