Poems in Alphabetical Order

About Muriel
Family tree
Op Shop
Kingsford Farewell
Tribute to Arthur


  A Burden or Cross
A Dealer in Old Wares
A Garden of Roses
A Man Called Peter
A Mother's Lament
A Teenager's Lament
A Woman of Good Report
An Empty Letter Box
Aussie Philosophy
Be of Good Courage
Boxing Day
Chinese New Year
Christ's Church Triumphant
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Clowning Around With First Aid
Creating Memories
Diamond Wedding
Do You Feel Inadequate?
Does the World Know?
Emmanuel God with Us
Everlasting Love
For Me to Live is Christ
Gentle Maryann
God's Vineyard
Golden Wedding Memories
Grandma's Precepts
In Everything Give Thanks
Jesus Cares
Laid Aside
Life's Road
Lord Change Me
Love Is
Mary and Martha
Me and Me Gran
My Christian Friend
My Longing Heart
My Thorn of Flesh
Not Only to be a Babe
Old Friends and New
Once Upon a Time
Ordinary People
Peace in Our Time
Prayer for a Missionary
Rejoicing and Prayer
Serenity Prayer
Should Christians Tithe
Spiritual Warfare
Stiff Upper Lip
That I May Know Him
The Calala Schoolhouse
The Discontented Owl
The Everlasting Way
The Home Sales Party
The Monster
The Power of His Resurrection
The Quiet Time
The Redemption Tree
The Slow Lane
Thou Shalt Receive Power
Time to Remember
To My Alcoholic
Too Old
Vale Red Robin
Wedding Day Blessing
Wedding Vows
Welcome to Camp
When a Gift is not a Gift
Where is Your God?
Who is My Neighbour?
A Day to Remember
A Friend Called John
A Heart of Gold
A Morning Prayer
A Stranger in the House
A Wedding Day
Alpha and Omega
An Honest Inventory
Be on Your Guard
Born to be King
Choose Life
Christian Growth
Christmas Down Under
Closer than Cousins
Come to Me
Consider Jesus
Dieting is no Chop
Do You Remember Peter?
Doubting Thomas
Eternal Resources
Farewell Brother
Freedom from Fear
God's Presence
Golden Wedding
Goodbye Dear Friend
Great Expectations
I Cannot Know the Measure
Jack of all Trades for My King
Judge Not
Left Handed Morning
Looking Back
Lord When I am Discouraged
Manna in the Desert
May God's Love Shine
Mother Love
My Grandma Taught Me
My Sanctuary
Never Alone
O Loving God
On the Buses
One of Nature's Gentlemen
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow
Playing the Game
Second Hand Rose
Silver Wedding
Stormy Weather
Thanks Giving
The Bricklayer
The Christmas Story
The Dreamer
The Flinders Ranges
The Lost Generation
The Old Digger
The Queen's Bible
The Real Need
The Shepherd Psalm
The Woman at the Well
Three Wishes
To Mother
To Obey is Better
True Confession
Wartime Bride
Wedding Days
Weighed in the Balances
What Think Thee of Christ
When You Come Back to Me
White Christmas
Wonder at Christmastide
Your Cigarette