Christian Poetry

Fishing boat early morning Bislig, Leyte, Philippines. Photo taken by
Graham Naylor 27/1/2003.

Written February 1994.

A Man Called Peter

My brother, Andrew and I eked a living
With fishing tackle and boat,
Often grappling with the elements
Just to keep our craft afloat.

One morning whilst we were washing our nets,
After a disappointing night,
We saw a large crowd led by Jesus
Approach within our sight.

Jesus asked permission to use our boat
Push it a little way out from the beach
So he could sit down free from jostling
Whilst he continued to comfort and teach.

"Row your boat out into the deep,
And cast your nets over the side once more"
We obeyed although we had toiled all night
To bring an empty boat back to the shore.

He wrought, through us a powerful miracle,
The largest haul that we ever did see,
Then said, "I will make you fishers of men,
If you leave your boat and follow me.

We eagerly left all to follow him,
But I often rushed madly ahead
Causing pain and embarrassment,
By the things I had done or said.

I was rough and ready and outspoken,
Impetuous although meaning well,
Then with a quiet word or a steady gaze
Jesus would my rashness quell.

I told him many times how much I loved him;
That on my loyalty, he could always depend
I know not why I did, but to my dismay
I denied him at the end

Shame filled my soul when he gazed at me,
And I broke down and bitterly cried;
Now it is too late to make amends
my Lord and Master has died.