Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor

Written June 1991.


I am sick and tired of hearing,
Don't do this or don't do that.
Don't kick the dog, he does not like it,
Don't ever tease the cat.

Don't run across the garden,
Don't tread mud upon the floor,
Don't leave the window open wide,
Don't slam the blooming door.

Don't sit around doing nothing,
Don't keep rushing all about;
Don't mumble when you speak to me,
Don't always yell and shout.

Don't leave good food upon your plate,
Don't forget the poor and needy,
Don't keep asking for second helpings,
Don't be so downright greedy.

Don't always look so gloomy
As you slouch about the place,
Don't keep smiling at some secret thought,
With a smirk upon your face.

Don't be so unfriendly
When people come to stay;
Don't hang around when I'm entertaining
You only get in the way.

All this negative treatment
Drives me up the wall,
Nothing about me is ever right
Even when doing nothing at all.

Saying, don't do this, or don't do that,
Is very demoralising;
But please do this, or please do that,
Is much more enterprising.

I'd like a loving arm around me,
And to hear a kind voice say,
"Take my hand, I'll walk beside you
And show to you the way."