Christian Poetry

Written August 1991.


Two Aussies were in the "Local"
Before to home, they wended their way;
One said, "G'day, Mate, 'ow are yer goin',
Did yer 'ave a g'day?"

Said the other, "Crikey, Mate, yer must be jokin,
I had a rotten, lousy day,
With the bloomin' traffic lights against me,
All the blinking way!

Those galahs who time them friggin' lights,
Fair send me off the rails,
Make me savage as a buck rat, and as mad
As a bag of rusty nails."

His mate replied, "She'll be right, Mate,
Don't let them galoots send you round the bend
If there were no rotten, lousy lights,
You may have come to a sticky end.!"