Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor


She was quiet and unassuming
As she faced life, day by day;
Yet she scattered deeds of kindness
In her sweet old-fashioned way

She loved music, art and nature,
Tended plants with loving care,
Often hovered in the background
But when needed, she was there.

She made herself available
For things that she could do,
And could always be depended on
To see the matter through.

Although so quiet and gentle
And kind to all around,
Where she held strong convictions
She firmly stood her ground.

She was a woman of good report,
No slur against her name;
She had courage, a sense of humour
And always played the game

She was a faithful, loving wife,
Friendly neighbour, loyal friend;
She strove to follow in God's footsteps
Until she reached her journey's end.