Written for the Christian women's convention camp held at Bendemeer NSW October 1990.

Be of Good Courage

Do you love only those who first loved you?
Kindred spirits, ever loyal and true.
Standing beside you in trouble, to see you through;
Even the heathens love in like manner too!
Do you love those who caused you pain in the past?
The alien, the derelict or the social outcast?
Have courage to love the unlovable, today;
God continues to love us though often we stray.

Do you witness only to those who love the Lord?
As you share sweet fellowship around His Word:
Singing His praises with glad accord;
This witness brings only it's own reward.
Do you witness to those who scoff and sneer,
Rail against God and all things you revere?
Have courage to witness to the skeptics to-day,
God is depending on you to tell them the way.

Does the thought of the future fill your heart with dismay?
Men say "God is dead" and go their own way;
Evil is rife and Satan seems to hold sway;
Lift up your head and pray!
The same God you trusted yesterday
Is with you right now,and will be alway;
Have courage to face up to the future, today;
God is still in control, despite what men say.