Published in "Never Alone", June 1990.


The London bells were ringing;
Excitement filled the air.
A son was born to the Prince of Wales
And to his lady fair.
His future was already planned
Down to the finest thing;
For all things being equal,
One day he MIGHT be king.

A Son was born In Bethlehem,
No excitement filled the air;
There were no gay flags flying
Sounds of bells or grand fanfare;
His future, too, already planned
Down to the finest thing;
No doubt about His destiny,
He WAS born to be King

Earthly kings may only reign
For their allotted span
Then pass down into history
As Is the way with man.
Jesus reigns forever more,
Untouched by earthly things;
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Born to be King of Kings