Written 24 February 1985.

Chinese New Year

On the first of January. many of us,
Good resolutions make;
Before very long to realise,
There were few we did not break.
Now comes along Chinese New Year,
Another excuse to feast and dance;
And as for good resolutions,
We are given another chance.
I set out to discover,
What happens on Chinese New Year
And all about the traditions,
Many Chinese hold so dear.
I found I could find many parallels
In the traditions of their race
To centre my mind on our Saviour,
Who saves us by His grace.
Young people rise early and cleanse themselves,
And dress in their very best,
Serve tea and show their deep respect
To the parents with whom they had been blest.
They receive a red envelope in return
Containing a gift either large or small,
So the parents can show a return of their love,
A happy occasion for all.
Only the soul who is cleansed by His precious blood
And is dressed in the spotless gown,
Will be accepted by Jesus Christ,
And receive from Him a crown.
Family plays a special part,
Blood ties are very strong,
Re-unions are held in many homes,
Happy relatives coming along.
This reminds me of the family of God
Redeemed by the blood of the Lord,
'Which binds us together forever,
As written in God's word.
And how we will be re-united
When Jesus comes again;
And we will gather around the Throne
And sing with the angel train.
I'm told, each year is named for a creature
And my whole being thrills
For God owns every beast of the field,
And the cattle on a thousand hills.
Red envelopes speak of salvation;
Which is the gift of God,
A symbol of the sacrifice,
The shedding of Jesus' blood.
Make a good resolution to-night,
Repent of your sins and bow your knee,
To Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Who died for you and for me.
Salvation does not only mean
A new year in the making,
But eternal life for everyone,
And yours, just for the taking.