Written for the Women's World of Prayer Day, 1986.

"...unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."
John 3:3


Men have longed for peace, since time began
And for every heart sought rest,
Vainly driving themselves each day,
On their weary, hopeless quest.
Some thought they would be happy
If they had wealth untold;
Some believed a healthy body
Was worth much more than gold.
some chose to excel In sport or art,
Hoping to walk in the halls of f ame;
Some through politics or music
To become a household name.
All this striving is so futile,
For there exists within
The heart of man, a thirst for God
And a consciousness of sin.
Jesus is the only choice
Because He is heaven sent;
Only He can give serenity,
Only He give sweet content.
Choose ye this day, whom ye shall serve,
Give up the daily strife;
You never find satisfaction
'til you choose eternal life.