Written for "Geared for growth" Seminar with Mrs H.Dinnen W.E.C. Churches of Christ, Kingsford, NSW, Australia,
10 August 1982.

Published in Never Alone June1990.


We were born in trespasses and sin
And the Bible has made it plain
If the kingdom of God we would enter
We must be born again.
Born again, as babes in Christ,
To be fed with the milk of the word
By Christians who are faithful
And growing in the Lord.
May we never be content
Babes in Christ forever to be;
May we hunger for the meat of the word
And Christian maturity.
We will always be unfruitful
If we never grow In the Lord;
Unfit to feed new babes in Christ
The nourishing milk of the word.
When we grow in Christ, we hail Him
Not only as Saviour, but Lord,
And filled with the Holy Spirit
We then shed God's love abroad.
Praise God ! that 'though this earthly frame
Matures but to slowly decay,
Our Christian growth may continue
Right to our very last day.