Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor

Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


Not the jingling sound of sleigh bells,
As folk travel to celebrate,
But the deafening noise of cicadas
Making the very air vibrate.
Not a cosy group around the hearth,
Whilst wind up the chimney roars,
But laden with our picnic lunch
We head for the great outdoors.
Not the fun of throwing snowballs
In deep drifts, sometimes knee high,
But Kanga Cricket on the golden sands
At Manly or Bondi.
Not a shy robin peeping coyly
From hollybush weighed down with snow,
But a laughing kookaburra
Mocking all who walk below.
Many traditions linger still
Under clear Australian skies,
Christmas trees, carols and gifts
And children's excited cries.
But most important, we are united
By the real message Christmas brings,
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Born to be King of Kings.