August 1988

Christ's Church Triumphant

Come, let us be honest and reason together,
Let us search our hearts to-day;
How much time do we each spend
Alone with God to pray?
Early in the morning
Precious is the hour
Communing with God, reading,
Being re-filled with the Spirit's power.
How faithful are we on the Lord's Day
As one body coming together
Sharing and praying and praising God
In spite of circumstances or weather?
Hallowed is the God's very own day
When we remember our Lord
In Communion around His table
And being taught from His Living Word.
The early Christians were united
All for one and one for all;
Being members of Christ's Body,
They would on His Father call.
For Christ's Church to be triumphant,
We must altogether meet
In one place, with one accord,
Drawing power from The Mercy Seat.