Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


I was studying the First-aid manual,
My certificate being out-run;
No victims on whom to practise;
I felt completely undone.
To fail in the examination,
Would be a blow to my pride;
No volunteers were forthcoming;
No loyal friends to stand by my side.
Already, I felt sad and defeated,
"Failure", was all I could think;
When the cheeky clown doll on my bed
Seemed to give me a saucy wink!
He seemed to imply, "Please don't lose heart,
On me you may surely depend;
Though others may often let you down,
I will always be your friend."
Finger bandages for legs and arms;
Handkerchieves made very good slings;
Cotton-balls for padding, pop-sticks for splints;
Success was at hand and the joy it brings.
Sometimes when you feel frustrated,
By comrades letting you down;
'When family and others forsake you,
Your only friend left is the clown!