"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavily laden, and I will give you rest". Matt. 11:28, KJV.

Come to Me!

I prayed, "Lord, my heart is heavy;
I am deep in the depths of despair;
Dark clouds of depression engulf me;
No help can I find anywhere.
I confided in other Christians,
They extended to me loving care;
But were quite unable to lift me
From this dark pit of despair."
Jesus answered, "How oft must I tell you
When bowed down by depression and grief,
Come to me and I'll freely give
A sure and rapid relief.
Truly, Christians must love each other,
Judge not and troubles share,
But when your spirit is broken,
I alone, can your soul repair.
So when you are heavy laden;
Feel weary and distressed;
Draw nigh to me and I will give
To your soul sweet peace and rest."