"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one for another." John 13:35.

Does the World Know

The world should know us as Christians
By the manner in which we live;
So let us be very careful
Of the impressions which we give.
They'll not know by our long f aces
Or the scowl on every brow;
Or a cold and haughty attitude
Of, "Holier than thou!"
They won't know because we go to church
So regularly on Sunday,
But never seem to get around
To helping others on Monday.
They'll not know when they see us turn aside,
As the waifs of the city go by,
And hear us say, disdainfully,
"There but for the grace of God, go I."
They'll not know because of the good we do,
With no thought for human pride;
"You may have a bowl of this tasty soup,
If you first eat some humble pie,"
They'll not know because we do our work
With diligence and zeal,
If we never turn one hair of our head
As we push through a shady deal.
They'll not know because we are only seen
In the very best of places;
Or because we are familiar
With all of the social graces,
Nor because we walk the way of the world,
And taste of it's doubtful joys;
Or make it seem to us important
To be known as one of the boys,
Here is a statement from Jesus;
Who's wisdom exceeds all other.
The world will know you as Christians, because
Of the love you have one for another.
How then, can we show we are Christians
.And no wrong impressions give?
The world will always sum us up,
By the amount of love we give.