Christian Poetry



Muriel married Arthur on 21 March 1942 at Mosman Church of Christ in Sydney Australia. Two days later Arthur went to war and was away from his bride for three and a half years. They are still together living in retirement at Tamworth NSW and this year celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

GN 31 July 2002


My heart belongs to someone
Who is very dear to me
Now although we are parted
Sweethearts we will always be.
Close on four years since we met,
One stormy winter's eve,
He to my home, for shelter came.
And joy began for me.
Across the world had come tragic news
One fateful, Sunday night;
A challenge was issued to everyone,
Come, Right must conquer Might.
Mid bushland walks and outings
Romance began to thrive;
We discovered ere much time had fled,
Our love we could not hide.
He asked me to be his loving wife;
To share my life with his;
I answered, "YES" with a smile of joy;
Shining through happy tears.
We shared our radiant dreams and plans;
Built-castles in the air;
Sure we were that never lived,
In this World, such a happy pair.
With a song in our hearts, we set out
Our engagement ring to buy;
A symbol of the love each saw,
Shining in the other's eye.
We were married one rainy day in March;
That could not cloud our love;
On the service, there seemed to descend.
A blessing from above.
Then we left our kindly friends
To start on our new life,
He whispered,"At last, I'm your husband,
And you, My darling wife."
Then there came what was to me
That dreaded final leave;
My,heart was sore and anxious,
Though l tried hard, not to grieve.
Although, my boy still wears khaki,
And he is far away from here,
This I know, wherever he is,
Myself and my love, he holds dear.
His letters are a balm to me;
They ease my aching heart;
Give me something to live for;
Whilst we are far apart.
Until from this dreadful war,
We find a sweet release;
The knowledge of his faithful love,
Gives me an inward peace.