February 1994

Written in recognition of the faithful service, so lovingly rendered to the Lord over the last one hundred years by the women of the Churches of Christ in N.S.W..


Saintly women of long ago
Readily come to mind;
They loved The Lord with all their hearts
And faithfully served mankind.
Nimble hands with needle and thread,
The whirr of sewing machines,
Knitted garments, home-made jams,
Happy plans and golden dreams.
Sunday School picnics and garden fairs,
Mission boxes and fellowship teas,
Preparing Communion, arranging flowers,
Helping with working bees.
They worked away in the joy of The Lord
And often the sound of laughter
Drowned the whirr of sewing machines
And echoed from every rafter.
As often happens with the passing of time,
We have experienced change;
Some projects no longer needed,
Others covering a wider range.
No longer viable to send bulky boxes
To Mission Stations overseas.
Gone is the joy and satisfaction
Of clothing Aborigines.
Our love extends to the sick and lonely,
The prisoners and their kin,
The alien, the addict, the homeless,
All brothers and sisters under the skin.
Should The Lord tarry, future women
Will continue this work of God,
Hand in hand, they too, will walk
On the road that we once trod.
Through all ages, as every woman
Does her humble service bring,
All glory be to God on high,
All praise to Christ our King!