Christian Poetry

July 1991
A tribute to my Mother.

Although my father and my mother's family shortened her name and although I never addressed her by her christian name, in my heart I always thought of her as "Gentle Maryann".


Our mother was kind and gentle;
She ruled by love and not by fear;
We tried not to hurt the feelings
Of one so loving and so dear,
She saw only good in everyone,
If scandal came 'her way,
She would say, "I do not believe it,
No one would act in that awful way."
During the dark depression years,
She was generous to the poor,
An endless stream of derelicts
Blazed a trail to our front door.
If we suggested that some of these people
Might be taking her for a ride,
She would, "Do not talk such nonsense,
Do you think that they have no pride?"
She always had a garden,
The plants responded to her care,
Resulting in many colourful blossoms,
And sweet perfume filled the air.
She liked to sew and crochet,
Solve crosswords or read a book;
Entertain friends and family,
And she was a marvellous cook.
She upheld moral standards,
Teaching by example and not by might;
Though gentle, she would not move an inch
When she knew in her heart, a thing was right.
Our mother was industrious,
The main interests in her life
Were looking.after her family
And being a loyal and faithful wife.
I remember my mother for her goodness,
So utterly devoid of guile,
For the depth of her sincerity
And the radiance of her smile.