Christian Poetry

Drawing by Graham Naylor, oil pastels on white paper. July 2001

October 1990

Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


I was sure that the long hours I daily spent
On tedious jobs or working hard,
Passed unnoticed because so secluded
Was my small corner in God"s,Vineyard.

I saw no fruits of my labour;
No lush grapes weighing down the vine;
Not for me the joy of the harvest;
So my interest began to decline.

Then said to me, the Lord of the Vineyard,
"The harvest is poor this year,
You have been unfaithful in little things,
So the burden of blame you must bear.

My workers are all part of one body,
This striving for honour must cease,
One man sows, another man waters,
But it is I alone who gives the increase.

Each part must perform his own function,
All pull together if we would succeed;
Remember, in order to have a good harvest,
You must faithfully sow the good seed."