Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.

Goodbye Dear Friend

Good-bye for now, dear friend,
I will always love and miss you
Until I, too reach my journey's end;
I always will remember
Your tender, loving care,
How in every circumstance,
When needed, you were there;
How we worked upon a project
Until we were hot and tired,
Sometimes collapsed with laughter,
Sometimes clung together and cried.
I not only loved you
Because on you, I could depend
I loved you for your own sweet self,
Good-bye for now, dear friend.
Jesus said to his stricken disciples,
"I must leave you for awhile,
But let not your heart be troubled,
Lift up your heads and smile.
I go to prepare a place for you
Within my Father's home
In due time, I will return
And bid you all to come.
Until then, I wish to know
I can on you depend
So I will send to you a Comforter
Good-bye for now, each friend."
When Jesus returns, in God's own time,
Once again, I will see your face,
Together, within God's Mansions
Where he has prepared for us a place,
We will sing his praises together,
Through time that knows no end;
Until that happy time arrives,
Good-bye, for now, dear friend.