Published in Memories and Other Verses, June 1991.


"Waste not, want not." Grandma said,
"You may need that crust one day"
So I hang on to everything,
And nothing throw away.
"Always be tidy" Grandma said,
Determination on her face,
"You must have a place for everything
And everything in it's place"
I tried to keep these precepts,
As I remembered Grandma's face,
But I hang on to so many things,
There's no room for each a place.
"Never procrastinate," Grandma said,
Complete each task without delay,
"If you have no time now, how will you find
Time at the end of day?"
"Always be punctual", Grandma said,
It is rude to make people wait,
"Better to be half and hour early,
Than to be half a minute late."
When I tried to keep these precepts
And complete each task without delay,
There was no time left to keep appointments,
When came the close of day.
That my Grandma was very wise
I seldom ever doubt,
But sometimes I am so grateful
She's not here to catch me out.