Published in Memories and Other Verses, June 1991.


I cannot know the measure of your pain,
Nor can I tell the quality of your grief;
I have not walked that self-same path
But I can pray
That God will give to you relief.
For I have travelled other valleys dark,
Felt sad and lonely on an unknown way.
I too have wept and cried out to my God,
"0, Lord, I pray,
Please make me brave and strong, to-day"
The Master said, "Do not restrain your tears,
For by your tears, sweet cleansing comes from me,
I will shield and keep you free from harm,
And whilst others pray,
Your courage and your strength I'll surely be,"
The time will come when You will weep no more,
Happy memories will erase the pain
God will give you rest and peace of mind
And as vou pray
You will learn to live your lives again.