Jack of all Trades for my King

One day, I came to the crossroads
And met Jesus face to face;
I humbly bowed in repentance,
And He saved me by His grace.
I came to Him with empty hands,
No gift had I to bring,
But a broken and a contrite heart;
For Jesus Christ my King.
I cried, "One grand, illustrious gift,
I pray, please grant to me
That I may lay it on your altar,
For all the world to see."
He said, "lest pride beset you,
No such talent is yours to bring
Many and varied are your gifts,
Jack of all trades for your King.
You will never be a household word
Nor walk in the halls of renown,
But true to others, you can be,
And never let them down.
You can learn to love the un-lovely
Cheerfully smile and pleasure bring;
You can write a letter and visit the sick;
Jack of all trades for your King.
You will never build great bridges,
Some grand ravines to span
But you can build a bridge of friendship
And serve your fellow man.
You will never preach a stirring sermon
Like Billy Graham and thousands bring;
But you can gossip the Gospel
Jack of all trades for your King.
You will never write a symphony,
And receive the world's acclaim;
But you can touch the hearts of men
With the music of Jesus' name.
You will never be like a nightingale
And thrill people as you sing
But your life can be like a melody;
Jack of all trades for your King."
When on that day of reckoning,
With the milling throng 1 stand
With my pathetic little trophies
Grasped in my trembling hand;
I'll hear my Saviour kindly say,
As 1 humbly account to Him;
"Well done, into the joy of your Lord,
Jack of all trades, enter in."