Love is of God for God is Love;
Love is a gift from Heaven above.
If your marriage would successful be,
Remember, God is love and holds the key.
Love is happy laughter and sharing friends; Love is a partnership 'til the journey ends. Love is tender and also strong,
Love is supportive when things go wrong. Love is nursing when sickness strikes;
Love is commitment, love is sacrifice.
Love is forthright and speaks it's mind; Also forgives and love is kind.
Love is caring as through life, you walk; Love is silent companionship, not only talk. Love is praying the problems through;
Love is allowing privacy, too.
Love is sharing a heavy load;
Pulling one's weight when rough the road. Love dwells deeply and you will find,
It is more than just a state of mind. Throughout your life, may you happy be Always remember, Love holds the key.