August 1991

A general poem about the nuclear family. It has no reference to any persons living or dead.


I am young and very small,
Our furniture huge, the adults so tall.
Being small, some things are hard for me,
Like climbing a big chair to sit up for my tea.
Being young, many things I long to know,
Why the hare is so fast and the tortoise so slow.
Who teaches the birds to fly so high,
Paints the rainbow and hangs stars in the sky
When I ask a question, they only say,
"Dont bother us now, can't you see we are busy,
Why not run outside and play?"
I have a gran who lives with us
She is no trouble and makes little fuss;
Helps around the house when she is able,
By feeding the kitten or setting the table.
She likes to talk of days gone by
When she was pretty and 0, so spry!
How she fell in love, and floated on cloud nine
When her sweetheart whispered,"Will you be mine?"
When she begins her story, they always say,
"Don't bother us now, can't you see we are busy,
Why not sit in the sun, out of our way?"
Though my gran is old, she is much like me,
I spill my milk, she upsets her tea;
My legs are clumsy, Gran's not strong, anymore;
So we each often stumble and fall on the floor,
Though I am young and Gran is old,
We each are expected to do as one's told.
I like to sit on the carpet, near Gran's chair,
With my head on her lap as she fondles my hair,
And assures me that the others do love Gran and me,
It is just that they are so busy,you See.
I try to understand but it seems a.crime,
So much love to give and so little time.
Though Gran is old, she is very wise,
Can view the world through a small child's eyes;
Though I ply her with questions, the live-long day,
Never once, have I heard her say,
"Dont bother me,now, I feel old and tired,
Why dont you run outside and play."
Me and me gran, we understand each other!