Originally titled "Lillian".

My Christian Friend

She is sweet and understanding,
Her kindness knows no end;
She is gentle and forgiving;
And she is my Christian friend.

She holds a very special place
Within the family of God,
We all can see that she is walking
In the path that Jesus trod.

Sometimes she feels unworthy
Because some things she cannot do,
She is frail but her faith is strong;
And her service is loyal and true.

She has a special ministry
Of friendship, love and care
Greeting cards and telephone calls
Loving gifts and faithful prayer.

She often gives hospitality
She knows how to bake a cake;
She involves herself in many things
And all for Jesus' sake.

When I feel tired and discouraged
And unworthy of God's grace,
I see the love of my Saviour
Shine forth from her gentle face.

If you should meet a gracious lady
Who always spares some time to spend
Listening to the sad or lonely
I'm proud to own her as my friend.