Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


Old friends are best, 'tis often said,
And many hold this to be true;
But though I love old friends so much,
No less, I love the new.
True friendship does not only depend
On length of time in years,
All friends know the way to share
Our laughter and our tears.
I love old friends because we talk
Of days so long ago,
Of joys and trials together we shared,
Of which our new f riends do not know.
It Is lovely to be with old friends
We loved when we were young,
When ambition burned and ideals were high,
And life's journey had barely begun.
It is lovely to greet old f riends
With laughter and hugs and tears,
But we lack the time to share all the news
Of the intervening years.
But when I spend time with old friends,
Emotions take control;
I fight to regain composure,
Down my cheeks, the teardrops roll.
It Is good to get back to new friends
Put the past back In its place;
It Is good to tell them how I felt,
See the welcome upon each face,
New friends share all the everyday things
That fill a commonplace day;
In small things or in tragedies,
They stand right beside me and pray.
There is room in my heart f or old f riends,
And for my new friends, too,
We need each other each step of the way,
As we travel life's journey through.