Christian Poetry

Sketch by Graham Naylor

May 1991

Muriel's Note: A tribute to my father Benjamin Aldred who died in 1968 on his 92nd birhday. I know that my sister and two brothers would share the sentiments expressed in this poem.


He never wore a Saville Row suit;
A white cravat or a diamond pin;
Never mixed socially with the wealthy,
No baronial halls did he enter in.
Yet I have heard said of my father,
over and over again,
"It is obvious to all that he is indeed,
One of Nature's Gentlemen."
He did not attend a high-class college,
But a small outback bush school,
Learning reading writing and arithmetic,
And how to live by the Golden Rule.
One could not fault his grammar,
Nor his ability to spell;
His manners were as impeccable
As that of any city swell.
He 'held no degrees or diplomas
Was not apprenticed to any trade,
But any contraption beyond his repair
Has never yet been made.
When qualified men marvelled
At the wisdom he could dispense;
He would say with a smile, "The only requirement
Is a few grains of sound commo,nsense."
He always remained a country boy at heart
But left it for Sydney's rush and whirl,
When he fell in love with sweet Mary Ann,
Who was a city girl.
He adapted to the suburban style
Though he missed the country life;
He was a wise and loving father
And devoted to his wife.
His memorial is engraved on my heart
I recall it again and again.
"Tis so obvious to all that he was indeed,
One of Nature's Gentlemen."