One day I looked for adventure
In this city of bustle and fuss;
So I took my courage in both hands
And went for a ride on a city bus.
After waiting long, a bus appeared
Which was pleasing to my eye;
I waved my arms and jumped around
So it would not pass me by.
"Hurry on ! Hurry on!" the driver cried,
"Do you think I have got all day?"
I fumbled frantically for my purse;
No ride for me, if 1 did not pay.
People crowded round the door
Made it hard to pass inside,
"Move down the centre, move right down!"
This time the driver cried.
One step forward, two steps back.
It was so hard to keep my feet,
Then, as the bus lurched round the corner,
I skidded on to an empty seat.
My troubles were not yet over
Though it was great to rest my feet;
I had to hang grimly on like death
Lest I slip off the edge of the seat.
We started off like a rocket, we stopped with a jerk,
We bounced up and down a lot;
Which supplied our daily exercise
Whether we liked it or not!
We sped through the traffic, we raced down hills,
We had many a narrow squeak,
I became so terrified,
I was almost too scared to speak.
Then I bravely stood up to press the bell,
I was fast approaching my stop,
Failed to see the haversack in the aisle,
And went flying right over the top!
"Hurry off! Hurry off!" The driver roared,
"What game is this you play?
Don't you remember, I asked you before,
Do you think I have got all day?"
Red-faced, I gathered up my things
And slowly regained my feet;
With a shove from me and a push from behind,
Once again, I was out in the street.
When some people go looking for thrills and spills,
To Luna Park, they go;
But once you have ridden on the buses,
The Big Dipper is tame and slow.
If you think that I exaggerate,
And wonder, why all the fuss?
Gird your loins, grit your teeth
And take a ride on a Sydney bus!!!