Peace in Our Time

"We long for peace"
The world cries in distress;
We see the wonders of creation
But we live in a wilderness
Our lives are fraught with danger;
We walk the streets in fear;
Man's home is no longer his castle,
But a fortress, stark and drear."

"We long for peace"
Then our children are led astray
Into drugs and prostitution,
And, we too, have lost our-way.
There's hunger, strife and hi-jacks,
Revolutions and civil wars,
Murder, violence and nuclear threats,
And no respect for the country's laws.

We can have Peace!
'Though man's Inhumanity to man
Over-rides each worthwhile thing,
The flowers still brightly blossom,
The birds still sweetly sing;
Whilst the world shuns It's creator
Men's evil deeds will never cease;
But the soul whose trust Is fixed on God,
Enjoys an Inner peace.