Prayer for a Missionary

Heavenly Father, Almighty God,
Creator of everything;
We come in the name of Jesus,
Our Saviour, Lord and King.
We confess our sins and offer thanks
For all that you have done,
And present to you our petitions
In the the name of Christ, your Son,
Please bless our friend on the Mission Field,
Whose life is committed to Thee
And now is faithfully serving you
in a land across the sea.
If she is homesick or lonely,
Weary or feeling depressed,
Bring to her mind your promise,
"Come to me, I'll give you rest."
Please supply her with food and shelter,
Clothing and other needs,
May she fend tempation with your Word
And down upon her knees,
If there should be any friction
With others on the field,
Give to her the grace she needs,
To be the first to yield.
May she have a sense of humour,
When everything goes wrong,
May she always look on the,bright side
Please fill her heart with song.
When laid aside with illness,
May she accept it with good grace,
Heal her body, mind and soul
And reveal your loving face.
Please supply her with a loyal friend,
May they have fellowship sweet,
As they pray and commune together
And kneel at Jesus' feet.
When she is faced with danger
or in any way oppressed,
Make her aware, the greater the need;
The greater will she be blessed.
May she always remembered
By friends back here at home.
News-filled letters keep arriving,
May she never feel bored or alone.
May she see some fruits from her labour
Be encouraged along the way,
Remembering always to praise Thee,
Never too tired to pray.
May her life unfurl like a banner
Bringing glory to Thee, our God;
May her pilgrimage through life,
Trace the paths that Jesus trod.