1 Thess. 5:16
Phil. 4:4-7

Rejoicing and Prayer

Jesus came to give you his joy,
It's fullness with you to share;
He came to give you happiness,
So be happy! with rejoicing and prayer.

He said, "hitherto you have nothing asked,
But struggled along with your care;
Ask in my name and you will receive"
So Praise God with rejoicing and prayer.

Remember, when tired and weary,
And your load too heavy to bear;
Christ's yoke is easy, his burden is light,
So carry on! with rejoicing and prayer.

When things are going well with you,
And you seem to be walking on air;
Remember, every good thing comes from God;
So give thanks! with rejoicing and prayer.

When you are depressed and your spirits are low;
And you are deep in the depths of despair;
Be of good cheer! Christ has overcome;
So lift your heart! with rejoicing and prayer.

When life is empty and useless
That you are not needed anywhere;
Give some of your time to people in want;
So lend a hand! with rejoicing and prayer.

When you belong to the family of God,
Go to church and worship Him there;
To grow, you need Christian Fellowship;
So share with others! with rejoicing and prayer.

When Jesus our Lord comes back again,
And we are caught.up with Him in the air;
May we be found faithful and watching;
So keep watching! with rejoicing and prayer.

When we reach the realms of glory;
And sing with the ransomed there.
We will worship, rejoicing around the Throne;
With no further need for prayer.