Originally titled "John and Judy".


We join with you to celebrate
Your Silver Wedding Day;
We cannot share each memory,
But can praise God with you and pray.

We praise God, you are loyal
To the vows you made that day
Through days of dazzling sunshine
And days so cold and grey,

We know the vows that you both made
Came right from the heart,
To cover every circumstance
Until death did you part.

But now that you are one in Christ,
Nothing can you sever,
Jesus has broken the chains of death,
You will both live forever,

We praise God that you both love Him,
With a love that's very real,
And that you both serve Him
With loyalty and zeal.

We praise God that he has blest you
With a family to train and guide,
And pray that they will always
Fill your hearts with loving pride,

We pray that you will understand
The love we hold for you;
You have our prayers and our respect
And friendship, loyal and true.

We pray, if it is God's will,
Many more years you'll have to share;
Until each in your own corner
Can relax in a rocking chair.