September 1991

Spirtual Warfare

I prepared for spiritual warfare
Donning the Armour of God;
A breastplate of righteousness,a belt of truth
And with the Gospel of Peace, my feet were shod.

I added a helmet of salvation,
I bore the shield of faith with pride;
The Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God,
Hung in readiness by my side.

I did not await my Captain's orders
Rushing headlong into the fray,
Unaware, more important than sacrifice,
Is one's duty to obey.

When it came to the heat of the battle,
It was much harder than I thought;
I underestimated the enemy,
Forgot many truths, I had been taught.

Other Christians jostled me
As they advanced at the Captain's call;
I mishandled my sword, the Word of God,
Causing me to stumble and fall.

I prayed, "Please, Lord, work a miracle,
For I have lost my way;
Send a mighty cyclone or an earthquake
To scare the enemy away."

There was no devastating cyclone,
Or sudden, mighty quake,
But in a rare moment of stillness,
To my stricken heart, God spake,

"Be still, and know that I am God,
Open your mind and learn of me,
I will re-quip you for the battle
And share with you, the victory."