Published in Memories and Other Verses, June 1991.


For the sun high in the sky
Which warms us through the day,
And the gentle evening breezes
Which soothes our cares sway;

For the lovely mellow moon
And stars so sparkling bright,
Which cheer the lonely seaman
Through the watches of the night;

For our busy, exciting city
With its buildings straight and tall,
With its harbour and its parklands
And its vast suburban sprawl;

For the quiet country lanes,
And wheat swaying in the breeze,
The ripple of the bushland stream
And the foliage on the trees;

For all the little commonplace things
That help make life worthwhile;
The trusting gaze of a cherished pet,
And a baby's very first smile;

For trouble, pain and suffering
Which bring days dark and drear
But teach us how to comfort others
When their hearts are cold with fear;

For the caring love of our families
The kindly neighbour down the street,
Especially for the family of God
With its fellowship so sweet;

But far above all other things,
For Your love so full and free
And for Your Son who gave His life
For us on Calvary;
We give Thee thanks, 0 Lord!