Christian Poetry

Sketch by Pat Mason of Leicester England

Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.


I sat and watched a tanned bricklayer;
I was the audience, he was the player.
I could see as he deftly set to work,
He would satisfy any time and motion expert

Not a movement was wasted, not a second was
He was worth every cent whatever the cost.
He applied the mortar with a slosh and a slap
Placed the brick in position and gave it a tap

With a tool that was especially.made,
Neatly removed the surplus And the brick was laid
I knew as I beheld this able man,
He was only a part of a much greater plan;

Many others had gone before,
The Banker to finance, the draughtsman to draw
People to bake the bricks, to deliver the sand
To boil the billy, or just lend a hand.

I knew that others would have to follow on,
When his work accomplished, the Brickie has gone
A horde of artisans, each plying his trade,
Each forming a part of one big parade.

Every job important, whatever it be,
All working together in unity.
God allots each task in his master plan,
We all must do the best we can.