The Discontented Owl

"Twit to wit to woo,"
Hooted the owl with a frown,
"I have not enough to do
From sunrise to sundown;
Nothing but sleep inside a tree,
Nothing to break the monotony."

"Twit to wit to woo",
Hooted the owl with heavy sighs,
"I have too much to do
From sundown to sunrise;
With a home to provide and a family to keep
No time for even a wink of sleep."

Twit to wit to woo.
Are you feeling frustrated, too?
With too much work and not enough play;
Too many bills and not enough pay;
Not enough sunshine, too much rain,
Not enough pleasure, too much pain?

Twit to wit to woo,
God has planned your life for you;
For every creature he knows what is best;
A time to work, a time to rest.
A time to plan, a time to achieve,
A time to give, a time to receive.

Twit to wit to woo;
Here's some good advice for you.
Do not moan and groan and howl
Like that discontented owl,
Look on the bright side every day
Enjoy your work and enjoy your play.