I dreamed I did great things for God,
Helping the poor and lame.
Bringing thousands of souls to God
For salvation in Jesus' Name.

I dreamed I died a martyr's death,
Men burnt me at the stake.
God welcomed me with open arms
As I entered the heavenly state

One day,l heard the voice of God -
"Awake, O child. awake,
Idle dreams never achieve
Great things for Jesus' sake !"

My dreams, they burst like bubbles,
My cheeks were wet with tears
As I regretted my idle dreams
And wept for the wasted years.

I thought I'd done so many things
To glorify my Lord,
But I was too busy dreaming,
I had no time to read His Word.

Though still I am a dreamer
I now ponder on God's ' Word,
My life is rich with blessings
As I gladly serve my Lord.