The Everlasting Way

Early one morning, I knelt to pray,
"Lord, search my heart, search it to-day;
Delve deeply, Lord, and let me see,
Any wicked way in me."
I heard the Saviour gently chide,
"Repent, my child, of foolish pride,
All glory to me you do not give,
But to yourself for how you live"
In anguish then to Him I cried,
"0, Lord, forgive my foolish pride."

I lingered on awhile to pray,
"Lord, search my heart again, to-day,
Delve deeper, Lord, and let me see,
Any other sin in me."
The Saviour's voice was low but clear,
"Repent, my child, when insincere,
'Tis not only by the things you say
But how you live that tells the way."
I cried, "0, Lord, please pardon me,
Forgive my insincerity."

"O, lead me Lord, lead me to-day,
Along the everlasting way,
Lord, purge my life from every sin,
Lord, cleanse my heart and dwell within
That all the world may see in me
Reflections of your purity.
0, teach me Lord, teach me to-day
To walk the everlasting way
From all foolish pride set free,
Freed too, from insincerity.