Majestic, colourful, mountains
Splashed with bronze and purple, deep;
With dappled browns and soft blue-greens
On rocky crags and hillsides, steep.
Large areas of yellow, red, purple and white
Sweep colourfully across the land,
Like Joseph's coat of many colours
Woven by God's very hand.
Areas remote and beautiful
Where no steps of man have trod;
Panoramas of exquisite beauty
Touched by the hand of God.
Mountain goats quite undeterred
By the craggy, dangerous height
Wedge-tailed eagles flying high
Sulphur-crested birds in flight.
Sad sentinels of shattered hopes,
The stone ruins so sad and drear
Left by settlers disenchanted
Nature is the master, here.
The beauty is so wild and stark,
No gentle country, this lonely land,
Even the rich mineral deposits,
She guards with a jealous hand.
Though awed by the stark, garish beauty
Where all is larger than life, it would seem,
One can also idle by a gentle brook
And meditate and dream.