July 1991


Where have all the children gone.
So wondering-eyed and cute;
Many grown old beyond their time,
Too worldly-wise and astute?

Why are there so many empty beds
Where once they spent the night,
Clean and wholesome, tucked in with love,
Safe and secure 'til morning light?

Where have all the mothers gone,
Who had a natural flair
To change a house into a loving home
Simply by their presence there?

With arms wide open to welcome,
Their children home each day,
To comfort, praise or admonish
And supervise their play?

Where have all the fathers gone,
Who though busy, had time to spare
To place their children upon their knee,
Listen to each joy or care?

Though tired, reserved some energy.
To go down upon all fours,
As the children rode upon his back,
They, gaily romped around the floors

There would be no need for "Safety Houses"
Where children flee when danger looms,
If each home were still a haven,
Instead of a suite of empty rooms.

It is hard to halt the rate of progress,
Erase bad standards and bring back the good;
But let us restore to our children,
A happy, normal, childhood.