Plant given Christmas 1980


I was given a pot-plant for Christmas
Which brought pleasure and joy to my sight.
I found a small spot by the window
Out of the draught and not too much light,

The plant must be a hybrid because
It's leaves are so quickly unfurled,
A cross of Jack's famous beanstalk
And biggest aspidestra in the world.

"Dieffenbachia" sounds like a monster,
From the days of the dinosaurs
And a monster it is becoming
As higher and higher it soars.

I see a leaf about to unfold
And I quickly leave the room
By the time I finish washing up,
The leaf is out in full bloom.

The plant also has strong emotions
And expresses signs of it's grief,
If it hears me say, "It will have to go,"
A tear-drop falls down from each leaf.

It's already out-grown it's nice little place
And been moved to a roomier spot,
Someone soon will have to leave home,
Either me or the flourishing pot.