June 1989

(Written after I read a magazine item saying that the Bible used by the Queen Is shabby and worn).

Published in Never Alone, June 1990.


Elizabeth Is Queen of Britain, Australia,
And all nations of her Commonwealth;
Respected by her many subjects
Who wish her happiness and health.

She Is Monarch of the Realm
And also Head of State,
Accompanied by pomp and grandeur,
As she mingles with the great.

She resides in a stately palace,
Furnished with treasures, costly and rare;
She is sometimes bedecked with diamonds
Or wears a jewelled crown upon her hair.

But her Bible, it is shabby and worn
And dog-eared are its pages;
Which Infers that she is subject to
The King of Kings, Lord of the Ages,

Take stock of your own Bible,
It will reveal much about yourself;
Is it worn and shabby with usage,
Or does It lie as new, unread upon the shelf

God's Word Is like a lantern,
Guiding our wavering feet,
Closer to the heart of God
And to His mercy seat.

So daily open your Bible,
Prayerfully into Its pages look,
Commune with God your Father,
Remember, He reads your life, just like an open book