City Temple Op-Shop

The Real Need

"I need the price of a meal" he said,
And he shuffled his feet and he shook his his head.
"But I have no money 'til pension day
And that is more than a week away."

"I would like to buy this dress," she said,
And she shuffled her feet and she shook her head,
" But I had all my money stolen to-day
And my husband has left me and gone away."

They didn't really mean the things they said
As they shuffled their feet and they shook their head.
But they needed to hear in a friendly tone,
That they too, were wanted and not alone.

When you see these people on the street ahead,
Do you shuffle your feet and shake your head?
Or give a kindly look and a friendly smile
To brighten their lives for a little while.

God loves these people, Christ died in their stead,
'Though they shuffle their feet and shake their head
When they say the things they don't really mean-
God knows their hearts and He can redeem.