Psalm 23

Published in Times and Seasons, June 1993.

The Shepherd Psalm

My Lord loves and cares for me,
Like an Eastern Shepherd of old.
He provides my every need,
He shelters me in the fold.
When tired and hungry, to pastures green,
He guides my lagging feet;
When hot and thirsty, He leads me
To still waters, cool and sweet.
When confused in mind, not knowing
Which is the way for me to take,
He leadeth me to the right path,
Even for His own name's sake.
He accompanies through the dark valley
Of sorrow, pain and grief,.
Using His own rod and staff
To bring me comfort and relief.
When enemies taunt me and try to sow
Seeds of doubt within my heart,
He showers me with so many blessings,
I have no option but to depart.
His goodness and loving kindness
All my life will follow me
And I will dwell in the House of the Lord,
Throughout Eternity.